Sacred Groves-Hindustani Classical Trio: Bansuri, Slide Guitar,Tabla


11/04/2019 - 11/04/2019

Sacred Groves-Hindustani Classical Trio: Bansuri, Slide Guitar,Tabla Sacred Groves-Hindustani Classical Trio: Bansuri, Slide Guitar,Tabla

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Kees van Boxtel (NL), Bansuri,
Joel Veena (USA), Indian slide guitar
Shabbir Hussain (INDIA), tabla.

Sacred Groves is a trio of Indian classical music featuring Kees van Boxtel (NL), Bansuri, Joel Veena (USA), Indian slide guitar and Shabbir Hussain (INDIA), tabla. They perform the classical ragas of North India and have learned in the oral tradition from their respective teachers in Delhi and Kolkata. The sound is from a soothing meditation, centering and grounding the audience, as they accelerate to an estatic and joyful finish.

Shabbir Hussain is one of the youngest talented Tabla players of today. He is born in the family of illustrious Tabla player Ustad Rehman Khan of Sikar. He has inherited the arts of his forefathers and is representing the 3rd generation of Tabla players from Sikar. He went on to learn from Ustad Hidayat Khan, who is incidentally his uncle and also the Guru of his father.

Joel Veena is an Indian slide guitarist from Vermont, USA who has been traveling to Delhi, India to study with his teacher Dr. Ranjan Kumar since 2007. He has presented workshops on fusion music in Delhi, toured with his one man show – Taleem Yatra – a unique combination of storytelling and music and has currently released three studio albums of slide guitar music. Joel’s dedication to classical Indian music and ear for innovation make him a dynamic artist in any setting. These days, Joel is receiving advanced training from sarod maestro Pt. Alok Lahiri of Kolkata; visiting each year to imbibe more of this wonderful music.

Kees van Boxtel started to study Indian Classical music about 15 years ago. At the Rotterdam Conservatory, he took lessons with Julia Ohrmann, a virtuoso Bansuri-player. After that, he has traveled several times to India to learn from Bansuri-master Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia the fine techniques of the instrument: the Hindustani music-firmament of raga and tala, with all its glidings and ornamentations. He has also studied under the leadership of Pt Alok Lahiri. Kees performs concerts in India and Europe with a many different world music musicians.

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