Séance famille: Buck (6+)


16/12/2018 - 16/12/2018

Séance famille: Buck (6+)

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KETNET PRESENTS BUCK: In the presence of Douglas Boswell, Bram Spooren en Robert Vervloet Age : 6+Buck is a coming of age story in which we follow the unremarkable and unsure Elias as he wrestles with life as an adolescent. He finds refuge in his computer game in which his digital hero Commander Buck never lets him down. Refuge from his two older sisters, Laura and Hanne, the bully Dylan, his single mother, his new school... and the world. In his room, there is nobody to disturb him. Until the day when none other than Buck appears in flesh and blood at his bedside.  This results in situations that are as absurd as they are hilarious.  Ketnet has also developed Buck The Game, available free of charge as an app for tablet and smartphone on iOS and Android. In this game you discover the latest events on Buck's planet Malmek.  Buck The Game is a game from Ketnet, developed by Cyborn in collaboration with Zodiak and with the backing of the VAF. Available for iOS and Android from Saturday 24 November. Tickets available at BOZAR or online: >>> BUY ONLINE YOUR SCREENINGS ACCESS PASS

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