14/08/2019 - 14/08/2019

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Balthazar and Joseph meet in high school in the 11th département, in German course. Respectively guitarist and pianist, they quickly decide to found the band SEIN, and in June 2016, they throw some tracks online, revealing an already singular style, at the border between a dancing electro and a delusional rap. Their texts oscillate between humour and mood, love and bitter, absolute and absurd. At the end of 2017, they released two clips, «Rouge» and «Légale» that announced the release of their first official E.P. «Sein La Vie», lauded by the media and specialist blogs. The video of «Villa», released in early May, shows the brothel and the (very) good atmosphere that transcend the crowds at their concerts. After noticeable visits to Rock en Seine and the Nuits Zébrées of Radio Nova, their friends Thérapie Taxi invite themselves at the end of September on the very pop «Illy»: well-hearted punchlines, stubborn melody, fun clip and colorful to the rendezvous.

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