Snail Mail


14/03/2022 - 14/03/2022

Snail Mail

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This concert will be postponed to a new date that has yet to be confirmed.Artist Statement:"Lindsey here - unfortunately, with terrible news this time. I’ve been struggling with my vocal health more and more each year. I lose my voice after a couple days of singing. I went to see an ENT last week and they found massive polyps in my vocal cords (surprisingly from vocal trauma due to talking!! shocker lol) that need to be operated on to prevent permanent damage to my voice. The recovery time is three months/speech therapy and in an effort to make sure the rest of the tour can happen, I will be postponing our first US tour which was supposed to begin this week as well as our initial UK/Euro tour :(. I’m devastated to be pushing off shows even longer. My team is working overtime to reschedule everything that we're postponing--we will have everything rescheduled imminently. Thank you so much for all the support you've given the new record so far."Sincerity is the secret weapon of Lindsey Jordan, aka Snail Mail. She writes emotionally striking lyrics to moody guitar music. Her sorrowful pleas about disappointment, confusion, and unrequited queer love have made an impression. Her debut album ‘Lush’ received rave reviews. What’s more, the barely 22-year-old singer is seen as one of the most important new voices in the next generation of indie-rock. November 5 will see the release of ‘Valentine’, the successor to Snail Mail’s debut.  

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