11/10/2020 - 11/10/2020

Sophia Sophia

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Robin Proper-Sheppard and his Sophia Collective (now frequently referred to as Sophia 2.0) are set to release their latest album 'Holding On / Letting Go" (The Flower Shop Recordings/PIAS) on 24/04/2020 and are very excited to announce that they will be kicking off the release at Belgium’s very own La Nuit Botanique Festival (Brussels) on 29/04/2020.

The recording of the new album has continued along the now much lauded path of somber, yet at the same time increasingly frenetic and heavy, live shows that highlighted the return of Sophia’s 2016 album As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours) and showcases all of the Sophia 2.0 live entourage (including Belgians Sander Verstraete, Jesse Maes and Bert Vliegen) as well Sophia long-time drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Jeff Townsin.

This new line up, and it's mastery of their quietest of quiet and loundest of loud dynamics, received resoundingly positive acclaim from fans both old and new and saw the band make no less than four full tours throughout Europe during the As We Make Our Way (Unknown Harbours) campaign and we are certain that La Nuit Botanique will soon be the beginning of yet another very successful return to the fans of Sophia.

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