Speel het hard


23/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

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Everyone remembers the amazing performance by Thomas Vanderveken, who last season succeeded in mastering Grieg’s piano concerto in the space of one year. And then performed it, live, to a full house, in front of the cameras, with the 80-strong Brussels Philharmonic. A goose-bump moment, met with immense admiration and a minute-long applause, as proof that Thomas had achieved his goal.

He also succeeded in another goal: to spread the classical music virus. In its wake, Canvas started an online competition ‘Speel het hard’, in which amateur musicians - young and old – could take up the same challenge: study and learn a piece of music over a period of one year.

The challenge was such a success that Canvas aims to engage amateur musicians from the whole of Flanders again this year: are you up for the challenge?

Keep an eye on the Canvas Facebook page: the competition will be launched in September.

Flagey, Canvas, Klara, De Bijloke, Brussels Philharmonic, De Singel, Verdi (Deeltijds kunstonderwijs)


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