Suzane - Alice et Moi - Camp Claude


05/10/2020 - 05/10/2020

Suzane - Alice et Moi - Camp Claude Suzane - Alice et Moi - Camp Claude Suzane - Alice et Moi - Camp Claude

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Océane Colom pursued her classical dance training at the conservatory until the day when she sent everything spinning. Her job as a waitress, the discovery of nightlife and nightclubs are a revelation for the young artist who then moulds her artistic project. Suzane's universe is born from stories and characters that come to life on electronic beats à la Stromae. Dance is a central element, but far from the conventions. It is more akin to unstructured movements.

Through her songs, Suzane presents the vision of a young woman at a time of vertiginous addictions and black screens, doubts and hopes.

In 2016, Camp Claude came out of the shadows with "Swimming Lessons", a radiant and critically acclaimed first electro-pop album. The trio, led by Diane Sagnier, Mike Giffts and Leo Hellden, presented a sound between minimalist and melancholic pop, guitar riffs and aerial vocals. Qualified as "the best pop hope of the moment", Camp Claude is back with "Double Dreaming". A much more rock and dynamic opus that seems more suited to live performances.As we wait to discover them on stage, we delight ourselves with "Tracksuit Tiger", the first clip of their new project!

The Pirouettes are the cutest thing the French scene has to offer. Leo and Vickie look like the two coolest kids in Paris, but deliberately make their synthpop sound so minimal and innocent that the kind of hits that are hidden in their work is hardly noticeable. Over the years, the couple have mastered writing melancholic songs, often about love and loneliness. The duo's most recent achievements, 'San Diego' and 'Pil du coeur', show the band's progress and audacity; sounding tropical and sharp/synthetic, they show a new facet of themselves in 'L'escalier'. After touring all over France, all the way to New York and Montreal, Les Pirouettes will perform in our Chapiteau during the Nuits 2020.

Behind Silly Boy Blue lies Ana Benabdelkarim, an artist from Nantes who relocated to Paris. On her debut EP 'But you will', the Frenchwoman shows herself to be a master of melancholy with beautiful songs like 'The fight' and 'Cecilia', which are more in keeping with Anglo-Saxon than French culture. Ana finds inspiration in artists like pre-Ziggy Stardust David Bowie, glam rock in general and new wave from the eighties. That translates into songs with a strong melancholy, the necessary dramatism, a kind of robotic Lana Del Rey sound that you didn't know you needed. Silly Boy Blue was one of the shining stars at the influential showcase Festival Printemps De Bourges, and earned herself a well-deserved spot on the bill of Les Nuits 2020.

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