Sylvain Cambreling


20/02/2022 - 20/02/2022

Sylvain Cambreling

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One of the high points of the history of La Monnaie was the premiere of Emmanuel Chabrier’s opera Gwendoline in 1886. Seventeen years later, Ernest Chausson would also choose Brussels to reveal his opera Le Roi Arthus to the public. Barely a century after Gwendoline, Philippe Boesmans began the stunning series of operas that he wrote as composer in residence at La Monnaie. Those three key moments in our history will be celebrated with the same number of works: the overture to Chabrier’s Gwendoline, Chausson’s seldom played and yet so beautiful Symphony, and the magnificent Trakl-Lieder cycle by Boesmans. Sylvain Cambreling, who was Music Director at La Monnaie under Gerard Mortier and premiered Boesmans’s cycle in 1988 and 1990 returns, thirty years after that illustrious period, to conduct our orchestra as a guest conductor for this anniversary concert.

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