Textile Box : Untitled Migrant by Margherita Isola


31/01/2019 - 31/03/2019

Textile Box :  Untitled Migrant  by Margherita Isola

Dieser Inhalt steht nicht auf Deutsch zur Verfügung und wird daher in einer anderen Sprache angezeigt.

This exhibition highlights stories that talk about movements, journeys, territories and roots; their storytellers are migrants. With this installation, the artist challenges and questions us on the current issue of the migration crisis.

While walking through the streets and during the workshops she organises for migrants, Margherita asked them to create an affective map based on the "geo-affective maps" used in family therapy. She then reproduced these maps by embroidering them onto clothes supplied by the migrants themselves. These creations are the result of conversations and meetings between the artist and the migrants.

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