The Mystery Sonatas


23/06/2022 - 26/06/2022

The Mystery Sonatas

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In this new work, Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker turns her choreographic research to the fifteen ‘Mystery’ or ‘Rosary’ sonatas by the 17th-century Bohemian composer Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber. Biber’s virtuosic violin sonatas are a musical translation of the fifteen Sacred Mysteries of the life of the Virgin Mary. Both intrinsically religious and narrative, they are also an invitation to dance, as they include musical dance forms such as gigues, allemandes, and courantes.

Attracted by the clarity of Biber’s musical structure and his numerological approach, De Keersmaeker has delved into the mystical and geometrical richness of this music and made the sonatas her own in a choreography for six dancers. For this new work, she has renewed her collaboration with the violinist Amandine Beyer, with whom she previously created Partita 2 (2013) and The Six Brandenburg Concertos (2018). Beyer will perform the Mystery Sonatas with her Gli Incogniti ensemble.

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