◈ The SHAFT Crew Invites Red Greg


22/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

◈ The SHAFT Crew Invites Red Greg

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﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍ ◈ The SHAFT Crew invites Red Greg ﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍﹍

After a fulfilling series of steaming nights, from boat to labyrinth, we're proud to present the next episode of our disco adventure. We're moving on to a new venue and we had the opportunity to invite one of our personal idols, the highly regarded dj Red Greg. Needless to say, we're extremely excited.

On the 22nd of march, we're setting up camp at La Bodega.

We hope to see you again, let's keep the fire burning!

Line up
✯ DJ RED GREG (London, UK) 〢 Melodies International

London-based Darren Griffiths AKA Red Greg is a gifted figure of the soul and disco scene; creating his own unique sound of a special mix of Funk, Disco and Gospel. Red Greg combines those feel-good rarities and deep cuts with perfect technical ability. His respect for hidden gems, particularly of 1970s disco boogie and early 1980s modern funk, make him a highly regarded selector amongst his peers.

Live mix from the J.A.W Stage at Dimensions 2018

Crate Diggers feature with The Vinyl Factory

✯ Dism 〢U-Soul

Dism is a Brussels based vinyl collector and dj who's been keeping the disco strong in our beloved city. His love for music and his strong energy make him a real SHAFT favorite! Expect a set full of delicious and refreshing grooves, staying true to that original vinyl.


✯ Souf' 〢SHAFT Crew

Influenced by Brussels diverse music culture, Soufiane developed a healthy passion for obscure and exceptional records. His style ranges from soulful bossa nova to Ethiopian jazz, but is especially characterised by a deep love for disco. Eager to share his musical revelations, he learned to mix and started to organise parties. With Souf' behind the turntables, you'll get your faire share of violins, trumpets and euphoric organ solos; don't you worry.

Souf' at one of his Kiosk Radio shows

Disco Is the Cure, said Soufiane, and he lifted the pitch to 45'

✯ SHAFT Crew Soundsystem

A group of close friends dedicated to create a vibrant disco-funk scene in Brussels. Their sound is founded on the very roots of disco music and is supported by a heavy dose of italo, funk and afro vibes. Don't dress to warm, discodancers, the SHAFT Crew will make you sweat.

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