The light that never goes out


18/09/2020 - 19/09/2020

The light that never goes out

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Soon we will be occupying the theatre again. Carefully, but with great eagerness, we will rediscover the empty space. Here at KVS, we want to do so with you.

A full BOL at KVS seats 500 viewers. We want to welcome that same number of visitors, spread over 24 hours and therefore with plenty of distance. You enter the theatre with a handful of people and take place on a seat in the empty space. Only the ghost light is there to guide you. From the darkness, an artist seeks out that light to greet you again, move you, perhaps touch you – metaphorically. After 15 minutes, the encounter – the performance – is over, and you step out again. The ghost light stays on, patiently waiting for the next visitor.

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