The moon is the moon is the moon - Anneleen Keppens


27/04/2019 - 27/04/2019

The moon is the moon is the moon - Anneleen Keppens

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The moon is the moon is the moon is a dance performance that seeks to deepen the experience of the viewer. At the basis of the performance lies a complex dance trio. However, the viewer is not immediately bombarded with virtuosity but is first introduced to the different building blocks that make up the dance: recurring shapes and images, connections between dancers, the way the dance moves through space and so on. The choreography breaks open. The many layers of the process are revealed.
‘The moon is the moon is the moon’ mirrors Gertrude Stein’s ‘A rose is a rose is a rose’. By this she meant that the rose does not stand for something else. It does not represent romance; it does not represent love. It is what it is: a flower with a particular smell and color. This dance, as well, is what it is. It is not about something, it is something. The performance invites the audience to establish a relationship with abstract movement and to have a purely sensorial experience.
The moon is the moon is the moon bathes in a lunar energy. The choreography aims to reveal the anatomy of a dance, but lunar energy obscures. The duality between transparency and mystery, between readability and poetry is what creates the warm formalism of this piece. The unfurling, ritualistic nature of the choreography and the music composition by Gerrit Valckenaers invite the audience to penetrate the dance and experience it more deeply.

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