The very best of Barry White and the Bee Gees


12/10/2018 - 12/10/2018

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Barry White and The Bee Gees… between the 70’s and the 80’s they were at the top of all hit parades!

Disco madness for the second, unstoppable romantic melodies for the first, unbelievable high voices for the Australians, extreme low for the American….

Accompanied by an magnificent symphonic orchestra of 40 musicians, Barry, Robin, Maurice and the second Barry are brought to live in front of your eyes by amazing “cover” artists. You will dance and sing along with them. The artists of “Night Fever” and “The Barry White Experience” have joined together to make this experience unforgettable… They “are” the Gibbs brothers, he “is” Barry ,the physical resemblance as well as the voice and attitude…almost perfect!

Some of the hits they will perform: You Should Be Dancing, If I can’t have you, Night Fever,  I Started a Joke, Stayin’ alive, Massachusetts, Tragedy, Emotion, How Deep is your Love, Love you inside out, To Love Somebody, More than a Woman, Fanny (Be tender with my love),  but also Love’s theme, Let the Music Play, Can’t get enough of Your love baby, You’re the first, My Last, My everything Never Gonna Give you Up, It’s Ecstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me, Just the Way You Are, I’m gonna love you Just a little more baby, You see the trouble with me, Baby We Better, Try To Get It Together !

Ready for a legendary evening?

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