Tove Lo


14/08/2019 - 14/08/2019

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Tove Lo vividly recalls her first heartbreak. His name was Erik, and he was breathtaking. But as we’ve come to learn from her songs such as Habits (Stay High), romance is complicated.

Lady Wood, Tove Lo’s second album, expands on its predecessor by being more conflicted, more nuanced, more feminist. “There’s no real word for, like, a girl getting a hard-on,” she says of the album name, its title track a percolating dismissal of mores. “I feel like it’s a powerful word that makes me laugh a little bit.” In Tove’s world, humor and heartache are essential components of life. "The title Lady Wood describes the album well, because there’s a lot of passion-attraction songs—the leading-up-to-the-first-kiss moment, an intense high.”

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