Trio Wanderer & Ekaterina Semenchuk


24/02/2022 - 24/02/2022

Trio Wanderer & Ekaterina Semenchuk

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As a result of their technical mastery and amazing musicality, Trio Wanderer is one of the world's leading chamber music ensembles. During the Shostakovich Festival, they will turn their attention to the two Piano Trios from the pen of the Russian composer. Shostakovich was only 17 when he wrote his first Piano Trio, but the work nevertheless showcases his extraordinary mastery as a composer. His second trio was dedicated to his good friend, Ivan Sollertinsky, and is also an indictment of the atrocities committed in the concentration camps, which the composer heard about while composing the piece. As a result, the work is dominated by its sad and macabre atmosphere. Finally, in the performance of the Seven Romances on Poems by Alexander Blok, the musicians will be joined by Ekaterina Semenchuk.

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