Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Marius Neset


19/10/2019 - 19/10/2019

Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Marius Neset Trondheim Jazz Orchestra & Marius Neset

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The Trondheim Jazz Orchestra is one of Europe’s most reputable jazz orchestras. It prides itself on a long list of international collaborations, the long and intense relationship with Chick Corea being the best known. The Trondheim Jazz Orchestra sees itself as a pool from which musicians can be drawn for any particular project the orchestra is working on. This also explains its extensive and varied repertoire. At BOZAR the Orchestra will team up with Marius Neset, Norway’s leading saxophonist and a gifted musical arranger, resulting in a highly adventurous concert. Sit back and enjoy the typical Norwegian jazz sound!

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