Tv dinner


14/12/2019 - 14/12/2019

Tv dinner

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Food has many functions beyond its primary one: feeding us. A meal says more than a thousand words can about culture, tradition, faith … food is politics, history, economy, ecology, anthropology and religion all at once.

In the theatre, too, food plays an important role. One of the creative chefs stirring the pots at KVS is the young artist Bert Jacobs. Together with curators Charlotte Van Buylaere and Godart Bakkers, he developed the unique concept of Bureau d’Alimentation.

Bureau d’Alimentation broaches various subjects through food. They organise meals orchestrated by artists. There is no set format or theme: every dinner is specifically tailored to the relevant location and time. Bureau d’Alimentation works with a diverse set of artists, chefs and institutes.

At KVS the dinner will be chaired by the renowned Belgian artist Johan Grimonprez. In his body of work, Grimonprez plays with the boundaries between practice and theory, art and cinema, documentary and fiction. Recently he started a new exploration into the commons. At KVS, he will be reproducing a television studio where you witness a live talk show, while enjoying (vegetarian) tv meals and drinks.

Grimonprez uncovers changing ideals over a period of seventy years. What does the ideal family look like? What is the perfect meal? And how do we convince people to buy food? The evolution from common goods to individualism is clearly visible: from eating and discussing together at the table to a lonely meal in front of the telly, ingested without care or attention …

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