Twee (t)huizen, één gids: Brel


22/09/2018 - 22/09/2018

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Want to get to know Brussels (better)? Let yourself be led by a very special guide who shares their love for the city and for Jacques Brel with you. In honour of our season opener L’Homme de La Mancha KVS, in cooperation with the intercultural federation FMDO, is organising walking tours. KVS-colleague Tatyana Kushta or one of her fellow guides are more than happy to take you along. After the walk you are delivered to our theatre in time for the performance and fully ready for the musical! 

Discover Brussels through the eyes of intercultural guides and become acquainted with their two homes! This walk with a focus on Jacques Brel is an initiative by KVS and FMDO, in cooperation with Citizenne. 



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