06/12/2018 - 29/12/2018

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Grand Prix winner at the 2012 Angoulême Festival, Jean-C. Denis (1951) is a major author of contemporary comics with a strong mastery of writing, drawing and colouring. He is one of the masters of auteur comics launched in the magazines Charlie, Pilote, (À Suivre) and Métal Hurlant. A sensitive and subtle chronicler of his times through Luc Leroi, he has also offered graphic novel gems to Aire Libre and Futuropolis.
At the point of creating his albums, Jean-C Denis imagines large illustrations which serve to magically illuminate the universe of his narrative in progress, without necessarily fiitting into the logic of the editing and designing of the comic. Sometimes, he allows himself this artistic digression between two pages, but more often it is when the album is finished that he creates some of these images purely for his own pleasure.
With the exhibition Variations, Galerie Champaka presents suites of his strikingly graphic original pages, as well as some of the captivating illustrations inspired by them. And the icing on the cake is that they are almost all done in direct colours!

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