Vlaams Radio Koor


07/06/2019 - 07/06/2019

Vlaams Radio Koor Vlaams Radio Koor Vlaams Radio Koor Vlaams Radio Koor

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Nothing is as deeply moving as the human voice. Certainly when there are multiple voices, trained to perfection and fed by deep emotion. The Flemish Radio Choir is like a treasured vessel full of emotion: considered one of the top choirs in Europe, known for its authentic interpretations, with one clear focus: performing music that touches the audience.

This time, the audience is at the helm. Yes, that’s right: you can decide what will sing. We draw upon a broad repertoire, with familiar classics and more recent gems, with subdued emotion or exuberant jubilation, but always with the voice at the centre.

So be sure not to miss this opportunity to hear your favourite work in this Vocal Tour!

Flagey, Vlaams Radio Koor

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