Yvonne De Grazia - Danger… it’s what you run away from


25/03/2021 - 06/06/2021

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Yvonne De Grazia’s exhibition (born in Saarbrücken, Germany. Lives and works in Brussels) Danger… it’s what you run away from (25.03 > 06.06.2021) conveys a visual proposal that combines collective past and individual memory.

Excerpts from Felix Salten’s book A life in the Woods, and its animated film adaptation by Walt Disney (Bambi) are the essential elements of this work. These are associated with the coldness, glamorous and powerful post-war imagery. Using random images from the web (fast-web search) Yvonne De Grazia recolours, disguises, retraces, copies or analyses images and colours, blurring the viewer’s gaze and inviting him to take a step back. The installation includes paper prints, textile design, drawing, video and sound.

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