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Founded in 1998, Aeroplastics is one of the most atypical of Belgian galleries.
It represents and actively supports artists coming from all over the world, and with an approach that is resolutely multidisciplinary. Its artistic line, mixing established names and younger artists of promise, favours inquiries that speak to the major issues facing today’s society and the role that the contemporary image can play there. Over the course of the years, Aeroplastics' director Jerome Jacobs has organized dozens of individual and group exhibitions.
Originally situated in a stately urban hôtel de maître 100 meters from the Avenue Louise, the gallery recently occupied a former seminar built in the 1960s until June 2018. The gallery is now preparing to invest new premises to re-open in 2019. This nomadic bent reflects Aeroplastics' desire to change the ‘traditional’ model of the art gallery, thereby providing a continual renewal of interest for these themes and works on the part of both general public and collectors alike.

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