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AEROPLASTICS contemporary occupies a peculiar place in the art gallery scene in Brussels. The dichotomy of its unusual exhibition space is a fine expression of the policy Jerome Jacobs is pursuing with Aeroplastics, where the spectacular often rubs shoulders with the intimate, no matter how extreme , though containing some poetry or bizarreness.
Alternating between group and monographic exhibitions, the gallery is confronting established artists with emerging and mid-career ones, giving preference to works that develop their own direct language and offer immediate visual accessibility.
Among the subjects dissected at Aeroplastics, the mechanisms of the artworld and its immediate surroundings occupy an important position, as do the multiple facets of the great "Human Comedy" : sexuality, individual or collective violence, the transformations and limitations of corporality, the excesses of our consumer society. Recently, the gallery has developed its programming even more towards the ever growing ecological issues, the socio-economical stereotypes and the religious volatility.

After having occupied a peculiar space for many years, Aeroplastics has decided to take it to the next level now: They become a nomad art gallery that will occupy exceptional places in Brussels, or elsewhere.
For their first stop, they move into a special place: a former chapel in the heart of the Tenbosch neighbourhood in Brussels.

This new contemporary art space will be opening on April 19th, 2017.

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