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Ultimate meeting & marketplaces, is the mission of Artexis. Artexis is the Belgian market leader in the management of exhibition halls and conference centres and in the organization of trade fairs. The meeting places are our halls: modern and technologically well equipped, but they are also welcoming places, which in time will have to be CO2 neutral. The marketplaces are our trade fairs that must be the reference point in their sector. Our values • Efficiency Professional principles and actions • Creativity and innovation Devising new paths and innovating • Commitment Commitment with a passion that constantly renews itself • Results-driven Our resolve to analyse the outcome of our efforts, to measure our results against those originally predicted • Team spirit The will to work together and with the other parties to achieve more • Environmental awareness Creating value but being less demanding of the environment • Integrity Acting with respect and keeping promises • Having fun Sharing impressions and emotions and enjoying moments that are warm and intense

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