Au Palais Des Indes

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SHIRINE BANDALI created restaurant "AU PALAIS DES INDES" on suggestion of the many friends she received every month at her home,where she was preparing a large selection of Indian specialities to make them familiar with the Indian kitchen.

Unanimously,they suggested her to open her own Indian restaurant,and why not located at our famous Avenue Louise? So, with the help of her husband Shafik, she found a location, where an Indian decor was created. The warm and colourfull interior gives you a classic impression of an English"cosy corner",and also a flavour of "Bollywood" Two doormen in traditional costumes are guarding two big wooden sculpted antique doors,originally from an Indian Palace,and now here separating the different parts of our restaurant.

Shirine Bandali invites you for a tour on this website,to convince you you are making a good choice by visiting our restaurant Namaste!

You are very welcome!

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