Auditorium 500 - Brussels Expo

Auditorium 500 - Brussels Expo Auditorium 500 - Brussels Expo

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The auditorium with intermediate capacity (from 100 to 434 persons) : Auditorium 500 has a lobby and is directly linked to 7 meeting rooms.

This auditorium with a medium capacity offers some interesting advantages. Situated in the Brussels Expo Hall 7 complex, this auditorium is linked by corridor to no less than 7 fully-equipped meeting rooms with capacities ranging from 50 to 180 persons and which can together accommodate around 230 people. Auditorium 500 also has its own lobby – extremely practical for welcoming guests or for a reception, drinks party or coffee break. The auditorium and the lobby are situated on the lower ground floor, but are accessible by elevator. The venue is entirely suitable for persons with reduced mobility. The room is equipped with six interpreter cabins.

It is also possible to use the Auditorium 500 as a studio to accommodate your digital and hybrid events.

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Conferences Facilities
Auditorium 500 368 5.0 434 434 350 170 6
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