BBL2MEET - Brussels conference center

BBL2MEET - Brussels conference center BBL2MEET - Brussels conference center

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Do you want to rent a meeting room in Brussels?
Conference Center bbl2meet is a modern 19th-century townhouse in the heart of Brussels.

Conference center ‘bbl2meet’ is a modernized 19th century townhouse in the heart of Brussels. The building is located in a quiet neighbourhood between Wetstraat/Rue de la Loi and the European quarter, at 15 minutes walking distance from the Central Station and 5 minutes from metro stations Kunst-Wet/Arts-Loi. The meeting rooms are situated in a low-energy building that has been built and renovated using high energetic and ecological standards.

• Sustainability: ecological building and Green Key label houder
• Location: easy access, centrally located in the EU quarter and city center
• Meeting with a view of Brussels Skyline

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