Baronian Xippas

Baronian Xippas Baronian Xippas

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Art dealers Albert Baronian and Renos Xippas are teaming together to launch Baronian Xippas, a new gallery in Brussels.
Located in the former space of Albert Baronian gallery, Baronian Xippas is a unique collaboration between two major figures in the contemporary art gallery world.
Baronian Xippas will present ambitious projects with the leading artists of each gallery - such as Darren Almond, André Butzer, Robert Devriendt, Wang Du, Lionel Esteve, Gilbert and George, Robert Irwin, Vik Muniz, Takis, Janaina Tschäpe and Gilberto Zorio,- while building on their respective strengths: a strong presence on the Belgian market for Albert Baronian and a solid structure for Renos Xippas. Combining the strength of their 80-years of experience and expertise in the art world, Albert Baronian and Renos Xippas join their forces, knowledge and passion to create a powerhouse on the Belgian, European and South American art scenes.

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