Claridge Events

Claridge Events

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Discover this events room steeped in history, renovated and equipped with the very best technology. It’s a must-see in the European district of Brussels.

Its advantages:

Close to the city centre
All-inclusive packages
Parking available

Whether you are organising a meeting, reception or product presentation, the Claridge, having held events and celebrations which have shaped part of our history, is the place for you.

The dream of every conference speaker is to successfully begin, finish, and maintain the audience’s attention. At the Claridge, our technical team is here to ensure your success.

360° sound and 14 wall projections reinforce the natural charisma of the speaker. Voices appear to be close wherever you are seated in the room.

The advantage of the Claridge is its complete audio-visual installation ready to go.

Plug and play ready, you only need to bring your USB key to launch the show. You will also make cost savings by making use of the many technical services and by saving time setting-up.

The balcony allows you to divide the space and organise your cocktail reception, coffee break....or even create a private, confidential lounge area.

Practical information:

Standing ‘theatre’ configuration: 247
Standing ground floor ‘concert’ configuration: 500
Standing first floor ‘concert’ configuration: 150

Fläche Höhe Theater Schule Cocktail Bankett Dolmetscher
Conferences Facilities
Claridge Events 0 0.0 475 247 0 144
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