Coeur Des Iles


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Our restaurant is called "Coeur des Iles" in french, which is translated as "Heart of the Islands". We would like to share with you the flavors, culture and customs of our paradise island of Mauritius. And most importantly, we hope that you experience our joy of living with your every visit.

The cuisine of Mauritius is a blend of Chinese, European and Indian influences in the history of Mauritius. Having strong ties with the French culture, dishes from French cuisine have grown very popular in Mauritius. They were adapted through the years to the more exotic ingredients of the island to confer some unique flavor that does not exist in Caribbean cuisine.

​Most of the dishes and practices into the culinary traditions are inspired from former slaves, Indian workers and Chinese migrants during the 19th century.

Traces of both northern and southern Indian cuisine can be found in Mauritius. Some common preparations are curry, chutney, rougaille (tomato paste that is very popular with fish) and pickles, most of which use local ingredients. The Mauritian versions of those dishes have a local flavour and differ, at times considerably, from the original Indian recipes.

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