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erg is located at rue du Page in an industrial building at the heart of Brussels, near chaussée de Waterloo and place du Châtelain, while its branches – workspaces, auditoriums and a library – are located in the vicinity.


Located at the ground floor of the building, 50°49'19.50"N 4°21'25.53"E – erg's gallery – inaugurated its new season with erg'students + moulène (16/02 – 08/03/2012), inviting young doctoral students, art historians and curators to coordinate its activities over a period of several months. Offering exhibition projects realized in collaboration with visiting artists and students as well as devices involving both historical and contemporary issues, the gallery aims at becoming a platform, a place whose potentialities generate dialogues, researches, archives and experiments within a multiplicity of modes of experience, and at asserting the power of art to do justice to the event.


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