Fondation A Stichting

Fondation A Stichting Fondation A Stichting Fondation A Stichting

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The Fondation A Stichting, created at Astrid Ullens de Schooten and Jean-Paul Deridder’s initiative, is opening its doors in October, 2012, in the southern part of Brussels, on the site formerly used by Bata factories. The inaugural exhibition is devoted to the work of American photographer Judith Joy Ross.


The images that surround us, in their abundance and virtual immediacy, are rendered increasingly complex by force and speed. Still, the idea of recording the real is not self-evident. And, in this context, what’s become of our ability to see, to discern? Our project, starting with the image-document, is to explore its stakes and contradictions so as to question this worldin which all is visible.


The Fondation A Stichting recognizes its public role and sees its mission as being to further the creation, knowledge and preservation of photographic images. Three temporary exhibitions will be organized each year, accompanied by workshops for the reading and writing of images designed for youngsters and children.


The Fondation is situated in what used to be a very industrial area of the city, one that over the years has been transformed into a residential neighborhood with several places dedicated to artistic creation, such as BRASS, P.A.R.T.S, WIELS and KOMPLOT. Our desire as a cultural agent is to participate in the life of the neighborhood. A platform dedicated to the photographic image, the Fondation A Stichting will also be working to form partnerships for exhibition and book projects organized in collaboration with Belgian and international cultural institutions.

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