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GALERIES is a new cultural center housed in the prestigious Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert (Galerie de la Reine) in the heart of Brussels. Site dedicated to filmmaking in all its forms, GALERIES wants to become a privileged place to organize your future events by offering a prestigious and exceptional site.


Classified monument since 1993 for its historical and artistic value, GALERIES now offers its three theaters (212, 185 and 20 seats) and his beautiful new exhibition space of 1000m2 in the basement that can welcome up to 500 persons. GALERIES offers a privatization of its spaces “à la carte” according to your desires and needs, while offering a both original and unexpected alternative for the organization of all your events.


• Projection room 1 : 212 seats (cinema/auditorium)

• Projection 2 : 185 seats (cinema/auditorium)

• Studio : 20 seats (cinema/auditorium

• Exhibition hall (underground, in the former “Bruxelles en Scène” venue) : 1000m2 - 500 persons max (cocktail/banquet)

Fläche Höhe Theater Schule Cocktail Bankett Dolmetscher
Conferences Facilities
Fläche (Fuß) Fläche (Meter) Höhe Türen
Exhibitions Facilities Breite Höhe

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