Gemeenschapscentra Everna

Gemeenschapscentra Everna

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Everna is one of the 22 community centers in the Brussels Region.

Everna wants to support the identity of the Flemish community and boost the quality of culture in Evere . Everna is a local and pluralistic association. Our program is based on the following functions:

Everna provides a two-monthly magazine with information about various cultural, social and sports activities . Moreover Everna provides the link between various member associations in order to achieve common projects .
We develop some services as there are a service for baby-sitting , a information desk, the possibility to rent spaces and materials to associations and offering care services as a consulting office for young children.

By offering different activities as such as a word-contest, concerts, theater, film screenings, children holidays, sports and Musicschool, you are invited to participate, either activly or passively. .

Everna offers Dutch courses for foreigners , hosts initiatives as teaching for low-skilled and focuses on all kinds of courses such as dance, ecology or art history .

By intervening on governmental level ( municipal , the Brussels Region etc ) on cultural matters, Everna contributes to the development of our society Several managers of the association Everna are part of the municipal advisory .

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Polyvalente zaal 0 0.0 120 100 0 60
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