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About usWe focus on providing companies & corporations a solution to become environmental responsible by supplying personalized recycled and eco-friendly products.ObjectiveOur main objective is to fulfill our social, environmental & economical responsibility and we hope that through supplying companies and institutions with our products, we help them in fulfilling theirs as well.Bringing together recycled, biodegradable, organic and sustainable materials, fair trade and ethically produced products and non-polluting technology is saving the environment in many ways. Fewer raw materials are being mined, less waste or discarded material is going to land fill and fewer workers are being exploited.The changes you make to your buying patterns may seem small but cumulatively the changes each of us implements will make a huge difference.ProductsAll items in our core range are made from recycled, organic, sustainable or ethically sourced materials and can all be printed with your logo. These items can be viewed in the products section. For more details about the print cost & the delivery, please contact us. We regularly update our range with novelties. Stay tuned to and discover our novelties.SourcingAs well as our core range we offer a sourcing service. With a wealth of experience in the business gift market, environmental product sourcing and manufacturing we pride ourselves on being able to source almost everything environmental.Artwork & designWe offer a full design and art-working service. To make life easier for you we can deal with product design and layout, logo and copy sizing, electronic sampling and approvals.

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