Hôtel de la Poste


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The name of the Hôtel de la Poste was originally Hôtel d’Administration, as it was used as the administrative centre of the entire site.

The historic Ticket window hall is approximately 800 m2 and can take up to 600 guests. This majestic Ticket window hall can be used for several purposes like meetings, product presentations, parties, concerts, weddings etc.

Next to the main hall you will find the 300 m2 Foyer where, for example, a coffee break or a lunch can take place during your event.

This newly renovated building,officially opened in September 2013, is located between the Sheds and the Maritime Station.

Fläche Höhe Theater Schule Cocktail Bankett Dolmetscher
Conferences Facilities
800 12 600 500 600 500
300 4 400 100 400 150
Fläche (Fuß) Fläche (Meter) Höhe Türen
Exhibitions Facilities Breite Höhe

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