Kizombalove dance


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Kizombalove is the dancestyle developed, promoted and taught by José N’dongala. It is danced on Kizomba music and contains, among others, Tango elements. Most dancers and amateurs of Kizombalove already consider this new dancestyle to be the latest trend on Latin and Caribbean dance floors. It is very sensual and perfectly suited for couples as an alternative to the classics of Tango. Kizombalove, besides being a dancestyle it’s also a teaching methodology developed by José N’dongala himself. The “José N’dongala Kizombalove methodology” is used by a lot of Kizomba dancers and teachers because of its unique technique, structure and approach. José N’dongala is also the person who officially introduced Kizomba and Semba in Belgium. Participants: min 10 / max 100 1 to 2 hours FR NL EN DE ES PO

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