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La Demence La Demence La Demence

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LA DEMENCE is a huge gay party in Brussels that takes place around 12 times a year: mostly on a Friday, or the day before a bank holiday.

What makes La Demence stand out from the other gay parties is the international crowd, and the variety of styles and ages.

As Brussels is strategically placed as a city, LA DEMENCE attracts, beside the local Belgians, a lot of visitors from France, The Netherlands and Germany, as well as hot Italian, Swiss, Spanish, British and American boys. Many make the trip by organized buses from Cologne and Paris, or choose to enjoy the cheap hotel arrangements, offered in the historical center of Brussels, with late check-out coming in handy, as the party carries on until noon!

Not only you will hear many languages spoken, but the mix of different ages and styles partying together will also amaze: leather boys, fashion victims, muscle queens, drags, young and old - in total in excess of 2000 gays having one hell of a party together.

There is no dresscode !


The venue, known as techno club FUSE, is huge - containing three different rooms which has the advantage of offering an eclectic range of music delivered by eight international DJs progressing from techno to house, with even a smattering of handbag in the smaller room. Great music and a great crowd also makes La Demence very sensual, so there are a few areas well worth exploring for those looking for more than just a dance. LA DEMENCE promotes safe-sex!

The only gay party taking place in this venue is called LA DEMENCE On other dates it is regular club!

On special party week-ends, some LA DEMENCE parties are also organized in other venues.

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