La Fabbrica

La Fabbrica

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A Venue for Any event: La Fabbrica

No other venue in Brussels is so able to captivate the bustling activity, as part of Tour & Taxis’ history and up-and-coming part of Brussels as La Fabbrica.

Inside La Fabbrica you are greeted by beautiful exposed timber, brick, and concrete that reflects the industrious zeal of past and future of a once modal transportation hub.

La Fabbrica hosts many special events and celebrations of all types and is happy to work with you and customize its Italian catering formulas to fit your specific event needs. Our Chef, who we recently acquired, worked many years in a Michelin star restaurant. In this line of work he continues to serve you Italian food of the utmost quality tailored to your wishes. Our La Fabbrica team welcomes you wholeheartedly every day. Exhibiting or attending fairs & shows at the Sheds - at walking distance – La Fabbrica can easily seat up to 200 people at the time.

The venue is extremely accessible by train, metro and bus from the Brussels North Station (free shuttle buses to and fro) and by car from the highways (right of the E40 Ghent-Ostend, E19 Antwerp-Amsterdam, E411 Namur-Luxemburg).

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