La Maison des Brasseurs

La Maison des Brasseurs La Maison des Brasseurs

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The Brewer’s House is situated in the historical heart of Brussels on one of the world’s most beautiful squares. The house as it stands today, dates back to 1698.

However, this majestic building has a history that began long before the construction of the modern building. The rise of the brewers as a professional organisation or guild in Brussels, and later in the whole of Belgium, plays a very important role in this history. Even to this day both histories are intertwined as the House is the last guild house to serve its original purpose as the seat of the “Belgian Brewers”.

By organizing an event there, you will be sure to surprize your guests with this amazing hidden venue and its gorgeous location!

Fläche Höhe Theater Schule Cocktail Bankett Dolmetscher
Conferences Facilities
La salle du Conseil 94 6.0 100 40 200 110 2
La salle des Chevaliers 66 5.0 70 20 80 50 2
La salle Gambrinus 22 3.2 0 15 0 0
Le Musée de la bière 0 0.0 50 0 100 50
Fläche (Fuß) Fläche (Meter) Höhe Türen
Exhibitions Facilities Breite Höhe
La salle du Conseil 1011 94 6.0 1.5 2.2
La salle des Chevaliers 710 66 5.0 1.45 2.2

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