Le Delire Parisien

Le Delire Parisien Le Delire Parisien Le Delire Parisien Le Delire Parisien Le Delire Parisien Le Delire Parisien

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Located in the famous pedestrian street on the upper side of town, at 16 rue Jourdan in St. Gilles, the restaurant is open from 12 noon to 15.00 and again from 18.00 to 23.00. It is closed Sundays and public holidays. In winter, as well as in summer, the restaurant is infused with romantic charm - candles, soft lighting, gentle background music and a street-side terrace with a capacity for 40 people. Watch the world go by as you enjoy a pre-dinner aperirif. The owner of the Délire Parisien, Flavio, is always available to guide you through the menu, helping you to order a meal that suits your own tastes and mood on the day. Depending on the season, wht's arrived fresh that day, not to mention your budget, Flavio will help you achieve the perfect marriage between your starter, main course and desert, complimented by the right wine from his extensive cellar. You can be confident that Flavio will help you make the right choices. He is graduate of the famous Swiss hotel school, Glion sur Montreux and fluent in five languages, all of which, along with his Mediterranean origins, guarantees you a meal of the highest quality.

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