Le Wolf - la Maison de la Littérature de Jeunesse


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... Two wolf steps from Brussels’ Grand Place...

A new whimsical place, dedicated to children and all the great names who write for them



" Le Wolf " offers workshops for families, stories told in various languages in very peculiar juke-box, original illustrations displayed in rotating exhibits , and our Unusual Library when you can enjoy reading however much you want. But "Le Wolf" is also the Wolf Shop, where you can find your own perfect book, and the "Cantine du Chaperon" where you can enjoy our "Witches’ Tea", our "Ogre’s Brunch" or "Grandma’s Belgian Cookies".



Creative workshops : The making of masks, shadows theater, collages, activities in Dutch, narrated stories, kirigami, theater of objects, cooking activities


The storytelling Juke-Box is a little wooden house, within which children can listen to the recorded narration of an album while illustrations are projected on a screen. Our stories can be enjoyed in French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Japanese.


The Wolf Shop, in a forest-like surrounding, offers a wide selection of illustrated books, original illustrations, games and objects made by illustrators, as well as a special selection of colouring books.


The " Cantine du Chaperon " offers all day long our chef’s specials, fairy tale-style, from breakfast to afternoon treats, through lunch and brunch. Everything is made in-house, with most of our products coming from organic agriculture.


The Unusual Library welcomes readers from all ages to sit down and discover our very special selection of children books. Books are available in various languages.


But Le Wolf also offers : children activities during school holidays, workshops for adults with children’s literature professionals, private parties and birthdays.



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