Les Halles des Tanneurs

Les Halles des Tanneurs Les Halles des Tanneurs Les Halles des Tanneurs Les Halles des Tanneurs

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The Halles des Tanneurs is the new and unmissable meeting place in the heart of Brussels. Offering a cafe, a restaurant, a bookshop, a designer florist, a wine cellar and an astonishing event space under one roof, the Halle des Tanneurs is a multi-discipline concept, combining an ethos of lifestyle, culture and well being.


Situated between the Sablon and the Place du Jeu de Balle, just yards away from the Place de la Chapelle, the Halles des Tanneurs, once known as the "Palais du Vin", has had its 6,000 square metres restored in every immaculate Art Nouveau detail by the CPAS of the City of Brussels.


Within this exceptional architectural complex, the Halles des Tanneurs represents service with quality, a way of life, of culture and pleasure; it takes "A Passion for Taste" as its mantra.


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