Magic Escape

Magic Escape

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Doctor Schnitzel’s Mystery! Take part into the most mysterious forensic investigation in history!

In a basement, hidden behind a brick wall, a theatre company has found the door to a mysterious chamber. This laboratory appears to have belonged to Dr Schnitzel, a famous scientist whom vanished in odd circumstances 80 years ago. Hence, we are relying on the best forensic investigators to resolve the Doctor Schnitzel’s mystery.

Will you be up to this task?

With family or friends, you have 60 minutes to figure out what happened to Dr Schnitzel. Play on!

Participants: max 6 players/ hour

€30/ 2 players
€25/ 4 players
€27/ 3 players
€20/5 or 6 players

Info : ou 02/245.24.53 ou

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