Mur BD Froud et Stouf

Mur BD Froud et Stouf

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Originally created for television, this comedy series with its very Belgian outlook has also appeared in comic-book form. Froud and Stouf are two small blue dogs who philosophise about life. They spring from the imagination of Frédéric Jannin, author of several series including “Germain et nous”, in collaboration with Stefan Liberski, a Brussels-based director and writer. They also worked together on the television series “Les Snuls” (or “The Dummies” in the Brussels dialect) for the television channel “Canal + Belgium”. The mural, created in October 2014, brightens up the blocked windows of a 3-storey building.





Praktische Infos

  • Bld Maurice Lemonnier 32
    1000 Bruxelles