ONCALL Europa Language Services

ONCALL Europa Language Services ONCALL Europa Language Services

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ONCALL Europa Language Services is the European branch of a global translation and interpreting service provider with offices in Melbourne, London and also in Brussels in the heart of the European Quarter.

ONCALL is certified to ISO 9001: 2015 international standards for quality management and offers access to the following services in up to 200 languages:
- Simultaneous (Conference) Interpreting
- Consecutive Interpreting
- Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment
- Remote Simultaneous Interpreting
- Remote Simultaneous Interpreting Meeting Platform
- Translation Services

ONCALL works with the most professional and high quality interpreters and translators, qualified, accredited and experienced to the highest international standards.
ONCALL's experienced Conference Coordinators will guide you in selecting the most appropriate language set-up for your meeting and ensure provision of the most experienced interpreters according to the subject at hand.