Pavillons d'octroi, Porte de Ninove

Pavillons d'octroi, Porte de Ninove

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Two former customs houses are still visible at the Porte de Ninove. These small original buildings have an unusual story. At one time they were integrated into the second ring of fortifications around Brussels, and were used for the collection of duty on goods passing through the walls into Brussels. There were seven such entry points all around the capital. The two customs houses at Porte de Ninove were actually not built there originally: they were moved in 1816 when the new boulevards around the city centre were created. Their previous position was at the Porte d’Anvers, which was renamed the Porte Napoléon in 1807 to mark the Emperor’s passing through it. These days, the customs houses of the Porte de Ninove are used for the inspection of the sewers, as are those of the Porte d’Anderlecht a few hundred metres away.


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  • Porte de Ninove
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