Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel

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The origins of the Music Chapel rest on two strong personalities: Queen Elisabeth, a violinist keen to help young talent, and Eugène Ysaÿe, one of the greatest violinists and composers of his time. Both wanted to support emerging artists through a highly specialized school and an international competition. The competition has been known from the start and was to become the Queen Elisabeth Competition. The Music Chapel was inaugurated on 12 July 1939. It is known for teaching exceptionally talented young musicians. On that occasion, the famous critic of the day, Emile Vuillermoz, described the Music Chapel as a sort of “modern Villa Medici”.
Besides the eductional purpose of this listed building, private and public events can be organized in both, the old and new wing. Easy access, a vast parking and great surroundings will guarantee your event as one of the highlights of your season.

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Haas Teichen 200 0.0 240 50 160 90
BR + SR + SM 185 0.0 0 60 200 120
Foyer 140 0.0 80 60 160 120
Studio de la Reine (SR) 90 0.0 0 40 100 80
Salle à Manger (SM) 60 0.0 40 20 60 20
Bureau de la Reine (BR) 32 0.0 0 10 20 16
Salle du Conseil 32 0.0 0 0 0 20
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