Senses Art-Nouveau


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The Senses Art Nouveau Shop is situated in Rue Lebeau 31, near the Sablon in the center of Brussels. It has been created by a couple of passionate, Isabelle Leloup and her husband Jacopo Giola.Tired to see all the shops in the world presenting the same old thing they decided to concentrate on a particular subject unique to Brussels: Art Nouveau. Looking for originality, quality and style, Isabelle and Jacopo have assembled an omogenous offer in what people describe a "very beautiful shop".The Shop opened in 1998 and since then we had so many clients asking for catalogues and mail orders that we have opened this web site to get in touch all over the world.In the Shop in Brussels and here on the web, Senses Art Nouveau presents the same selection of high quality Art Nouveau Reproductions and original Art Nouveau Fashion Accessories.