The Crescent - meetings à Anderlecht

The Crescent - meetings à Anderlecht

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Do you want to work in way that’s both professional and flexible? If so, The Crescent – a textbook example of the ‘new working concept' – could be perfect for you.

The Crescent offers flexible workspaces and comfortable meeting rooms in various locations.

Our pleasant, ideally situated sites provide everything that demanding companies of today need.


• Professional services and reception facilities
• State-of-the-art offices
• Spacious and functional meeting rooms
• Excellent restaurant
• Flexible parking options
• A great professional image for your company
• Support for your green image
• Professional support for all office services
• Fixed operating costs

Concentrate on your core business, and let us take care of the rest!

Fläche Höhe Theater Schule Cocktail Bankett Dolmetscher
Conferences Facilities
Auditorium 0 0.0 130 133 0 0
Terraces 0 0.0 60 60 50 50
6 Meetings rooms 0 0.0 0 6 0 0
Fläche (Fuß) Fläche (Meter) Höhe Türen
Exhibitions Facilities Breite Höhe

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